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Story Mining Technology

Welcome to NewsLogic -- where Stories come to get purified and distributed.

What is NewsLogic?

Consider This: Demand for News is All-time high; but No one wants to pay for it.

Too much news is being produced. Hard to pick stories to read or watch.

NewsLogic is the platform by which NewsStories earn confidence by going through a process of purification and review.

NewsLogic uses sophisticated Machine Learning as well as Human Based Rules to implement this logic.

All this processing happens "Just-in-time".


How Does NewsLogic Work?

NewsLogic works just like a Google News clone. We harvest the stories from traditional news sources (TV stations, Magazines) and mix them with non-traditional sources (Blogs, Medium) and refine them in a process of purification, rejection, and categorization. The process itself is a hybrid process  combining machine learning with editorial guidelines controlled by humans (crowds).

Want to see it work? Check out this Headlines of News on News.

About Us

We built one of the first "Personal Content Management System".

We built one of the first Blogging Platforms (SimplyBlog).

We helped Industry Publications to have presence in Apple NewsStand.

We helped aggregate Scholarly Content via Single Sign-ons.

Then there was "Information Overload" and "Fake News".

So we built NewsLogic.

Work With Us

Are you a News Provider? Want to distribute your stories to more audience?

Are you a content marketer? Want to rank your content higher?

Are you an influencer? Want to influence people to your point-of-view?

Are you a technology provider in the same domain? News Aggregation, News Purification, Licensed Content?

Contact Us at: (678)826-2769

We are a startup based in Atlanta, currently seeking stake-holders!

We are especially interested in talking to local news outlets and industry publications.